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    We are based out of Los Angeles, and when I say that, I mean our studio is right in the smack dab center of downtown. However, if you start browsing through the blog history you will soon note that we shoot weddings all over the country and world. We put a lot into making our images so I hope you enjoy checking some of them out!

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Lukas & Suzy: Our Wedding Reception

On Saturday I got to photograph the most adorable bride I have seen, in one of the cutest dresses I have seen, and the best thing about it is I get to keep her! If you haven’t figured it out yet, Saturday was Suzy and my delayed wedding reception. We had a very small family only wedding, so now was our chance to try out our party planning skills for our friends reception.

Seriously I had so much fun putting it all together I’m thinking I might add “wedding planning” on as one of the options in my wedding photography package! I mean creating the photos it so much more fun when you design and arrange everything in the photos as well.

For our reception we decided to go with a really bright happy feel. We choose black, white, yellow, and purple as the colors and went from there. We also decided that it would be a lot more fun to have it at our house since we could tie the theme in with the rest of our decor!

Aside from the decorations it was awesome that some of our friends we hadn’t seen in a long time came to celebrate with us. I didn’t even know what “March Madness” was until Saturday. But thank you those of you who are into that sort of thing for skipping part of it to come be with us. It meant a lot to us to see so many of you, and was awesome reading all the cards and the guest books! We love all you guys who came, and it puts a smile on my face remembering you there!

Suzy had a friend who told her about “Yummy Cupcakes” in Burbank. I’m glad he did, because they were quite the experience. They make the cupcakes with all natural ingredients. So they are super good and extremely rich. But the fun thing for me was that we got a good supply of their mini cupcakes sampler platter. Each one is a very different flavor and frosting. As I was trying them, each cupcake brought back a memory of a dozen different kinds of cakes I have eaten over the years! That and they look so pretty!

Suzy and I picked out all the flowers down in L.A. When I got home I made my first attempt at arranging them. I was a bit nervous because I knew two different florists would be at our reception. But I think they came out ok. I also learned that sticking them in a vase is easy. But all those amazing bouquets and arrangements I have seen at all the weddings I shoot will probably always be way beyond me! I admire you flower people for all your work even more now!

That’s my beautiful Suzal! The funny thing is we both new what we wanted to wear for the party in our heads. But Suzy has tried on probably 15 dressed at 6 different stores and still hadn’t found the perfect one. Not until about two hours before the reception. We had some options at home, but made one more last minute run right before to look one more time. She found the perfect thing, and I found just what I wanted to compliment her. We will be doing a shoot of us in the coming weeks to use for some new business cards. So check back for more photos then.

One afternoon the can of yellow paint sitting on the garage floor inspired me and I painted an old suitcase. Suzy took it to the next level with our names, and I added the balloons!

Suzy’s piano I got her for Valentines day two years ago when we were still dating. The bench used to be blue, but she painted it purple to match the wall.

Portos! Do I need to say more?

Have I mentioned I love those blue eyes?

We got all the fabric for the curtains, table clothes, sheer on the wall, cabinate covers, and piller/post wraps in the L.A. Fabric district. Here’s a link to the story.


Loving the dimples!

Originally we were going to do all the table clothes with seams and hang them straight. But then we decided to tie all the corners with bows to give them the same cute look as the dress Suzy wore. It added so much! Sometimes taking the time and doing something a little different then the norm makes all the difference!

Thanks to Jeremies for snapping the below four photos! Jeremies was in my wedding last Fall and I will be in his this Summer! Yay!

I bought all the black and white picture frames. Suzy painted all the yellow ones. I think she had the harder job!

It was super fun that we could have our wedding album all ready and done for everyone to see as well as the book with the story of how we got engaged!

I love cool journal type books! I did a rough count and since we moved into our house 5 months ago we have had almost 350 different people over. Somewhere halfway into that process we started a guestbook! Too much fun!

We also decided to just do simple photos of us as the favor. It was either that or mini coffee shot cups. But who needs more little stuff to hang out in their house?

Suzy didn’t like this arrangement, but I was pretty proud of it! =)

All our friends! We love you guys! 

This was probably one of my favorite parts of the dessert! I shot a reception recently where the couple had a coffee bar. The bar included chocolate shavings and whip cream as condiments! It was soooo good I just had to do it for ours! Thanks Connor and Jeremiah for making all those coffee shavings for us!

Suzy painted all these little mugs yellow! I love yellow!

Custom desserts are only good if they don’t taste like cardboard. These ones were good! Go Portos!

Suzy’s sister Lianna on the left two! On the right is Sarah who flew all the way from somewhere out east to be with us! Awesome!

The night was warm and perfect for some poolside hanging out as well! I love our pool at night, it always make me happy !

Most of the party I was just hanging out with people. But I pulled my camera out at one point during the evening and took a few photos!

Thanks again all who came! I am already thinking about the next time we can do something like this! This is my first attempt at throwing a party so please comment and let me know what you like so I know what to do again next time!

March 23, 2010 - 7:31 am

Vicky - Fantastic! Good job you guys!

March 23, 2010 - 9:11 am

Anneke - Looks amazing!

March 24, 2010 - 12:42 pm

sister Casebolt - I liked hanging out by the pool, it looked so cool out there, the fresh air was really nice! It did get a bit stuffy inside, more ventalation would be nice. The food was amazing, I had 6 things but only wish I could have tried them all ;-) I liked having your slideshow on the TV in the background. You spaced the tables and refreshements out nicely, I never felt cramped and didn’t have to wait in line for anything!

The timing seemed to work good with differant people coming at different times, I only wonder how many people you could comfortably fit all at the same time?

March 26, 2010 - 12:51 am

Life as a Suzal» Blog Archive » Our Wedding Reception! - […] are some pics I quickly snapped before the party, and a few of them I borrowed from Lukas’ site. Thank you to Taylor, Katie, Kaitlyn, Natalie, Jeremiah, and Connor for all your help! And […]

March 29, 2010 - 4:26 pm

Jessica Tounger - I absolutely adore every single thing about this. Maybe I should hire you both to design and arrange everything for the photos at my wedding!

April 7, 2010 - 5:54 pm

Sara Mallon - Looks like it was so much fun, I’m so sad we couldn’t come! and its crazy that God decided to put two such creative people together….I think your kids are probably going to come out with a camera and paintbrush in hand, ready to go! :) I hope you two always have so much fun together with all your adventures!!!!

October 5, 2010 - 5:11 am

allison - you had the delayed reception…
go ahead have a delayed get in the pool shoot!

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