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    We are based out of Los Angeles, and when I say that, I mean our studio is right in the smack dab center of downtown. However, if you start browsing through the blog history you will soon note that we shoot weddings all over the country and world. We put a lot into making our images so I hope you enjoy checking some of them out!

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How I Deal With My Email

Happy Wednesday everyone! Congratulations on making it halfway through the week! Hopefully this post will help make the second half way easier. I’ll admit up front that this is in part a shameless plug for our upcoming Brandness Workshop. When it comes to painful tasks, email is the biggest thing people complain about that takes up all their time. So in the workshop I will be covering some of the finer tips to dealing with email. I would explain it here, but it’s just too much information for a single blog post. However, if you read the below, and look through the flow chart you will get kind of a crash course on how I deal with my email each and every time I open my inbox. If you would like all the info, there are just three seats left for the workshop! Check out the site here.

So how do I deal with email in the most painless way possible? I do it in a number of steps. Just note these steps assume you adhere to the basic laws of productivity and have all your notifications from sites such as Facebook, Linkedin, Yelp, & Twitter turned off. You should have all your social media sites setup to ONLY email you when you get a direct message from a single person.

1. Do a quick look for spam emails and delete them all. This makes me feel like I’ve accomplished a good chunk in a few seconds.

2.¬†Look for newsletters and information emails. If you don’t have time, or don’t need to read that specific one just archive it without opening it, if you need the information read it on the spot, if you never read emails from that source than unsubscribe or set up a filter to auto delete them, and if you might need the information later than archive it to a specific folder where you can find it. Boom, another large chunk of your emails gone.

3. Look for emails you can respond to with a quick template email and do it.

4. Can you respond in 2 minutes or less? If so than do those ones as well.

5. Look for the emails that require multiple steps. Copy paste the relevant information to your “next action list” and archive the email.

6. At this point you should be left with a relatively small amount of emails that require a bit of thought or time to reply to. Work through as many of these as you can in the time you have set aside for email. I start with any that are extremely time sensitive. Once those are done I move to the oldest ones and work up to the newest. I star any ones I don’t have time to get to, and work on those first the next time I do my email.

That’s it. Pretty fast and easy way to deal with your inbox and a good way to get it down to zero emails at least every couple days if not every day.

Happy emailing!

January 17, 2013 - 3:10 am

Angelsea Urban - An email flow chart? Suzy you seriously know how to speak my language! lol I want to print this out and laminate it!

January 18, 2013 - 10:21 pm

Lukas VanDyke - I just updated the graphic to look prettier haha. =)

January 21, 2013 - 2:40 am

Allen Ribeiro Porto - I smell David Allen’s ‘Getting Things Done’… =)

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